This is all fiction

Sep 2005

  • Bitter

    Why are bitterness and resentment feelings we cling to more comfortably and more readily than openness and forgiveness? I think some people (and I absolutely do not exclude myself here) must be ‘grudge addicts’, getting off on feeling their stomach churn around with tension for days on end, (perversely?) enjoying the fact that they are… Continue reading

  • Rejection

    My pile of rejection letters for State Of Emergency grows larger. Most of them are poorly photocopied, hastily written rags. (And they’re on such small pieces of paper. Reject my work if you want to, but at least do it on a whole sheet of A4!) But there are a few that make surprisingly interesting… Continue reading

  • Back In Print

    Here it is! The cover of the current issue of Canada’s PRISM INTERNATIONAL magazine, which contains a short story called The Edge Of Happiness written by Yours T. Please visit the PRISM site… and, if you’re feeling generous and/or curious, order your own copy of the mag. Continue reading

  • Baggage

    I bumped into an ex-pupil today. Let’s call him… umm… Kyle. I taught him over a year and a half ago for only one term. Anyway, he saw me before I saw him, so he called my name (which is always nice) and I went over to him and asked him how he’s been since… Continue reading