This is all fiction

Oct 2005

  • Metaphor

    Author Patrick Neate’s website entry for the 22nd of October describes him trying to find metaphors in various oddities he encounters in everyday life. I wonder what he’d make of what happened to me the other day: my Oxfam MAKE POVERTY HISTORY wristband snapped in half! There’s GOT to be a metaphor in there somewhere,… Continue reading

  • Progress

    Today I received a letter from an agent which was slightly different from those normally pushed through my door. This one stated that they would get back in touch with me as soon as “one of the Agents has had a chance to read” the stuff I sent them! I found this so hard to… Continue reading

  • Ageing

    This week’s Time Magazine cover story is a series of extracts from a new book called Healthy Ageing by Professor Andrew Weil. Putting aside the specifics of his advice, I found many of his general observations about Western societies’ attitudes towards ageing quite worthwhile… and quite depressing. In a nutshell, he believes current trends towards… Continue reading

  • Too Good To Be True

    I went to the cinema again last night and had another look at the poster mentioned below… only to be disappointed when I discovered it wasn’t an official Disney poster at all. No, it was just a national bookshop chain trying to shift some old C S Lewis stock, I expect. So there we are:… Continue reading

  • Radical

    I was walking out of my local cinema last night when I saw a poster for the upcoming film version of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe… and my jaw nearly guillotined all the way to the floor when I saw its advertising tagline: READ IT BEFORE YOU SEE ITNo, I’m not kidding! This… Continue reading

  • Fifty

    Went to a very special ‘do’ the other day. An ex-colleague of mine has been a teacher for 50 years, so she decided to invite 50 ‘representatives’ of various stages of her long career. I was fortunate enough to be on the guest list. The highlight of the evening was a speech in which she… Continue reading

  • Booker

    The winner of this year’s Booker Prize was announced last night: John Banville’s The Sea. I confess, of the six shortlisted authors, Banville’s name was the least familiar to me. The three ‘guest critics’ at BBC2’s coverage of the prize-giving ceremony didn’t think he had a hope of winning. The bookies – whoever they are… Continue reading

  • Frida Kahlo And Blogging

    The other day, I spent some time using Blogspot’s ‘random blog’ feature. All sorts of unexpected things came up. Teenagers moaning about exam revision. War correspondents painting grim pictures of fractured countries. Holidaymakers giving day-by-day accounts of their bicycle journeys around Europe. I found myself clicking on ‘Next Blog >>’ in an increasingly obsessive manner…… Continue reading

  • Oddity

    Go to Google.com… type FAILURE into the search box… click on I’m Feeling Lucky… Weird, eh? Not much else to report, except that this morning, whilst waiting to be taken into an operating theatre to have a cyst removed from my eyelid, I had a truly pleasant conversation with a Chinese/Malaysian nurse who asked me… Continue reading