This is all fiction

Nov 2005

  • Face

    Today, my mind seems unable to shake off the news that the world’s first face transplant was carried out in France last weekend. At the moment, I know little about the event beyond what could be expressed in a single paragraph of newsprint. But even that was enough to spark off all sorts of thoughts… Continue reading

  • Tommy

    Yesterday the BBC showed a documentary about the UK’s last remaining survivors of WWI. If one ignored the patronising musical score and the redundant ‘historical reconstruction’ inserts, the programme was quite excellent.It contained several thought-provoking and noteworthy moments, but the one which struck me most deeply was when we were told that one of the… Continue reading

  • Time Goes By…

    Someone at work asked me a question today. “Are you a doctor?” she said. “Sorry?” “Are you a doctor? Have you got a PhD?” The first words that came into my head were, “Are you mad, woman? I’m FAR too young to have a PhD!” But then I realised that I’m not too young at… Continue reading

  • Hope

    I’ll come clean: I’ve spent a great deal of today listening to a radio station which is giving away tickets to a certain global megastar’s ‘intimate’ gig in London this Tuesday. I had a couple of goes at trying to get through on the competition phone line. Needless to say, I had no success (which… Continue reading

  • Help

    I was in Cambridge yesterday and as I was wandering around the town, I heard a loud car alarm going off again and again. Just like everyone else around me, I ignored it. But when I got closer to the sound, I realised not only that it was coming from a Royal Mail van, but… Continue reading

  • Odds

    I promise not to turn these diary entries into nothing more than a series of updates about rejection letters from agents, but I feel the contents of the letter I received yesterday are worth sharing. The missive started with the usual words about how the agency is inundated with work and that I mustn’t lose… Continue reading

  • Successes

    Could all this really be happening? The other day, I got a letter from an agency stating that they would try to read the synopsis of my film script soon. Today, I got a letter from another agency saying that not one, but TWO people have read my synopsis. Two whole people! If I were… Continue reading