This is all fiction

Dec 2005

  • Stock

    The year is almost over and I find myself thinking that I ought to organise and sort the events of the last twelve months into some sort of deeply meaningful order… but actually, all I want to do is work out what my Top 5 films of the year are. And as I’m in need… Continue reading

  • Unbelievabilities

    I wouldn’t normally make an entry like this, but I also wouldn’t normally watch the Parkinson show, so here goes… Saturday night. ITV. Aforementioned Parkie. His final guest is Paul McCartney. Most of the chatter is of the blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda variety, but at one point, my ears go into red alert… Continue reading

  • Hockey

    Experiencing something out of one’s personal definition of ‘the ordinary’ can be beneficial. I watched a hockey match today, quite unexpectedly. Not a professional one. Just a few 12 year olds having a practice on a freezing Sunday morning. The main thing that struck me about the event was that if someone had written down,… Continue reading

  • Illustration

    Above you’ll find one of the sample illustrations the actress and artist Joy Richardson has produced for my children’s book, The Pumpkin Seed. Joy can be contacted through London’s Great Western Studios and she will soon be appearing in Alfonso Cuaron‘s film of P D James‘ novel, The Children Of Men. Please click on the… Continue reading

  • Clean

    I’ve been trying to work out why I enjoy washing my car. Generally speaking, I’m the kind of person who’s perfectly happy for a layer of dust to become, oh, about half-an-inch thick before I feel something needs to be done about it (and even then, it still takes another half-an-inch for me to go… Continue reading