This is all fiction

Feb 2006

  • Leopard

    On the radio this morning, an English actress of Indian descent was interviewed about her adolescence, which was spent in the UK. She said the time was marked by struggles to find out who she “really” was, to work out a way of expressing her ethnicity, to cope with the intolerance of the many “narrow-minded”… Continue reading

  • Noise

    Lots and lots of thoughts floating around. There always are, of course, but these current ones are particularly depressing. I suppose I’ve just been wondering – and at this point cynics may choose to roll their eyes – if it is actually possible for human beings, as a whole, to get on with each other.… Continue reading

  • Feedback

    I got a letter from the BBC’s writersroom the other day. It was basically a rejection of my State Of Emergency script, but it also contained buckets of encouragement. Here are some of the good bits: “a professionally written, compelling story which chillingly and atmospherically depicts future life”“There are some interesting and wacky concepts here”“Asha… Continue reading