This is all fiction

Sep 2006

  • Night Breezes

    Yesterday I spent a couple of minutes re-reading my ‘dreams book’. Notice I wrote a ‘couple’ of minutes: the tome in question is not exactly the fattest in my collection. It was a discipline I tried to establish several months ago. The idea is that you keep a notebook by your bedside and use it… Continue reading

  • Thoughts, Too Many

    Manic (but enjoyable) ‘summer life’ finally gave way to ‘rest of the year’ life this weekend, which meant that yesterday I sat down and tried to write. Usually when I’m faced with a blank sheet/screen, one of two things happens: 1) my mind goes blank and I can’t think of anything to write about OR… Continue reading

  • Toddler

    Modern parenting techniques never cease to shock me. I recently heard about some parents of a two-year-old who are currently very pleased with themselves because they’ve bought their child a TV and DVD player for his room. Now, instead of waking up Mummy and Daddy first thing in the morning, he can switch on and… Continue reading