This is all fiction

Dec 2006

  • Timing

    Everyone’s coming over to ours for Christmas this year. This is why the Divine L and I are feeling slightly perturbed by the fact that the bathroom doesn’t have a floor, the bathtub is in the hall and the kitchen (which, we thought, didn’t require any more attention) is currently being seen to by two… Continue reading

  • Party

    I went to a wonderful Christmas party the other day (thanks again for the invitation, J!) which convinced me that, despite my fears, English eccentricity is alive and well. Take this line from a speech given by one of the evening’s hosts: “And now for the Thank you’s. There will be four Thank you’s this… Continue reading

  • Whale

    I don’t watch a great deal of TV, but I’ve enjoyed the BBC’s recent Planet Earth series, not least because it provides lots of ‘food for metaphor’. Trying to find parallels between our own lives and those of other living creatures is an activity as old as… well, as old as the tree gum containing… Continue reading

  • Leak

    The kitchen is no longer a work in progress, which means I can’t use it as a means of putting off writing any more. Mind you, there ARE five leaks in the ceiling of my study at the moment, and they ARE quite a distraction. The weather people on Radio 4 reckon the downpour’s going… Continue reading