This is all fiction

Mar 2008

  • Shorten

    Even more exciting news: I’m on the second ‘long list’! Thanks very much for all your good wishes and words of encouragement. Now could you please cross your toes too. The final winners will be announced in about a fortnight. If you’d like to see the shorter long list, please click here. Continue reading

  • List

    Exciting news: I’ve been ‘longlisted’ for this year’s HappenStance short story competition. The second ‘long list’ will be announced in a few days’ time, so please keep your fingers crossed that my name will be on it. Click here to see the complete first long list. Continue reading

  • Meld

    On my way to work every day I see the the tall towers and smoke plumes of a distant petrol refinery. Situated several miles away, it’s one of the many sights I encounter on my daily drive. Like most of the others, it’s just become part of the scenic wallpaper. But on certain days it… Continue reading

  • Risk

    Someone I know – who gets to be labelled with the letter S in this post – was told last week by an organisation for whom he’s worked for over 10 years that his services will no longer be required because he has become a “risk” and a “liability.” The news didn’t come as a… Continue reading