I keep jotting down ideas for blog posts, but other writing commitments prevent me from being able to develop them. This is not necessarily a complaint.

After my last entry, I felt I’d been too flippant with the whole fraught subject of the late Jade Goody. I think I’d like to revisit the topic again before too long, partly because I’ve recently read some measured, thoughtful articles about her, and partly because of the demise of J G Ballard. It’s almost as though the prophet and his prophecy have departed the world at the same time.

But for today, I shall restrict myself to a call for assistance. An agent to whom I’d like to send my book requires a three-sentence description of it. Could I please run my first attempt by you? I realise some of you haven’t read the book, but that shouldn’t be a handicap, should it? After all, the description is meant to grab the attention of those who aren’t familiar with the whole text. Feel free to leave your thoughts in a public forum (like the Comments link on my site or on Facebook) or to send me a direct message. Here goes:

A year has passed since the death of Pauline’s baby and her life seems to have returned to normal. But when an anonymous letter arrives one day, it forces her to relive events which she has tried to forget and to question the real reasons why she lost her child. Concise, compelling and topical, The Only Children moves at an unstoppable pace towards a heart-breaking and memorable climax.

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