If you’ve been visiting this site in the last few weeks hoping for an update, I owe you a ‘thank you’ and a ‘sorry’: red-pen season is far from over and there hasn’t been much time for cyber-niceties. However, I have tried to stick daily posts on Twitter and Facebook, so hopefully you’ve been able to follow those. (Incidentally, I should mention the new ‘profile page’ (?) I’ve been given by the people at FB: www.facebook.com/dariushalavi. Click if you’re in a comradely mood.)

The process of sending the The Only Children to agents and publishers is now on the back-burner until September. I’ve completed a Doctor Who script which I hope to send to the Beeb in July and I’ve also submitted a few short stories to various competitions. All of which means that I’m more than ready for the summer break and for trying to get through as many paperbacks as I possibly can. The Mill On The Floss may well be the one I start with.

Speaking of Eliot, I wonder what she would’ve made of an item on the Today programme: nuggets of wisdom from great thinkers like Gandhi, Sartre and Einstein are to be included in service announcements on London Underground trains as a means of calming people down and improving their moods. Eliot’s novels were nearly always lengthy tomes, so I suspect she might have been horrified by yet another attempt on the part of contemporary culture to package something complex into a convenient soundbite. Then again, I think I once came close to working out the meaning of life when I was between Hendon Central and Colindale.

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