The Combined Coolness

Is there a word to describe the feeling of coming full circle? ‘Satisfaction’ isn’t quite deep enough. ‘Completion’ is somewhat emotionless. ‘Accomplishment’ implies too much intent. I suspect there is one somewhere, either in English or some other language, and if I knew what it was, I would’ve used it last Saturday evening.

Here’s an understatement for you: Doctor Who was a significant part of my childhood. It didn’t just capture my imagination: it pretty much defined it. It served as a springboard for almost all my adolescent writing. And it even shaped the way I speak today… but that’s a story best saved for another post. So even though, in my opinion, the programme’s ‘new’ version isn’t anywhere as inventive or ingenious as what they’re now calling ‘the classic series’, last Saturday’s episode was always going to be special.
The reason for this, dear readers, is that the red force-field you see in the photo above, covering a plot of land in a Welsh village, was created by none other than my stepson. And what was even more special is that he watched the entire episode with me, which officially beat the combined coolness of meeting Tom Baker, having a chat with Matt Smith before he was a glint in the Daleks’ eye-stalks and getting Sophie Aldred’s autograph from a penpal. It was a wonderful moment which made me feel… well… rather full and rather circular.

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