An Interesting Record

Time flies when you’re not blogging. But, by some cruel quirk of physics, it seems to slow down each time you pick up a red biro.

Yes indeed, the above statement is a thinly veiled hint to those of you who know what I normally get up to at this time of the year: Red Pen Season has arrived. I won’t say that blog posts will be kept to a minimum, because I haven’t actually written any for ages… apart from the brief movie reviews, of course, which I’ve been publishing a) because I thought they’d make an interesting record of the year’s film viewing and b) because most of my free time’s being taken up by another writing project and I don’t want to have to spend ages agonising over what to write on this blog. Deciding to stick to short reviews – at least for the foreseeable future – seemed like a sensible thing to do.

As I type these words, (some) people in the UK are voting in the first referendum since 1975, which has led to inevitable discussions about the way the country’s run and the nature of ‘Britishness’… which has in turn led to all the predictable, racist cliches about what England is really all about and how important it is to maintain traditional values etc etc… and I’ve just noticed my red pen under my nose and realised that maybe some things never will change.

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