2019 Film Reviews – 48: The Man From UNCLE [dir. Guy Ritchie; 2015]

Although I tend to gravitate towards the less popcorn-strewn screens at my local multiplex, I adore the fact that cinema can embrace an almost endless range of styles. And I’ve always believed that all stories – no matter what genre they’re in – can be told well. The Man From UNCLE – throwaway froth though it is – could have been charming. It could have wowed its audience with an ingenious plot. It could have featured unforced, artless performances. It could have glittered with witty dialogue. But I’m afraid it’s an uninvolving bore. As its story moves from one Bond-lite set piece to another- crossing international borders and making unconvincing use of retro aesthetics – the two leads do their best to heat up the screen with what is no doubt meant to come across as engaging banter, but they can’t lift the whole beyond the sub-ordinary. A real shame, but at least no sequels will be heading our way any time soon.


Man From UNCLE Guy Ritchie review by Dariush Alavi, 2015, 2019

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