2019 Film Reviews – 64: Toy Story 4 [dir. Josh Cooley; 2019]

The teams behind the Toy Story films have always displayed a commendable talent for telling relatively simple, focussed stories with terrific attention to detail, neat characterisation and an insistence on intelligent, convincing plotting. However, I’d argue that this precision-led approach has resulted in sequels that have been satisfying, but haven’t quite managed to linger in one’s memory. Toy Story 4 is very much in this vein. In an attempt to reunite his ‘owner’ with a new toy, Woody finds himself separated from the rest of the gang and having to negotiate the increasingly dangerous territories of a funfair and a creepy antiques shop. Cue: all the usual – albeit beautifully-executed – shenanigans, with endless character gags and a scattering of jokes aimed at the grown ups. It’s all pleasantly diverting and gorgeous to observe. But did we really need it? I’d say No.


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