2019 Film Reviews – 68: Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker [dir. J J Abrams; 2019]

No-one reading a review of the new Star Wars film actually needs any help deciding whether they want to watch it. They’ll leap towards it or avoid it regardless of what anyone else says. For what it’s worth, I found its conclusion of the saga – which sees Rey and Kylo Ren circling ever closer to each other while dealing with the growing power of an undead Emperor Palpatine – mostly entertaining and commendably devoid of the merchandise-pushing Disney-isms that sullied the previous instalment. I also thought it lacked a single truly standout visual moment or plot twist. The original trilogy presented a charming idea (Buddhism with spaceships) and exploited its potential to the full. And nothing since then has managed to come across as equally innovative or compelling. So yes, The Rise Of Skywalker passes the time well – and grants C3PO the importance he’s long deserved – but it is almost entirely forgettable. Lucas, Abrams, Disney et al: enough now. Please.


Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker review by Dariush Alavi

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