My Favourite Films Of 2019 + The End Of The Reviews

The year ends, and so does my little film review project. It started with a pope so perhaps it’s appropriate that it finished with two.

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to read these little scribblings. Below I’ve put together a list of my favourite movies of the year. As I watched 71 in total (the lowest number for the last four years, I believe) I figured I’d go for 10% and make it a list of 7. Here they are, in the order in which they were seen. You can click on their names to read my original reviews of them.

High Life
Apollo 11
Pain & Glory
The Irishman

My intention is to publish more personal posts here in 2020, but whether that will actually happen… well, let’s wait and see. A lot will depend on whether I can shake off this reluctance (timidity? insecurity?) to discuss my fiction projects.

Wishing all of you peace and kindness and laughter for every single day of 2020,


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Films Of 2019 + The End Of The Reviews

  1. Don’t discuss your fiction projects in advance, just bloody WRITE AND PUBLISH THEM!!!! 2020 must be the year this happens.

    Ps. DESPERATE to see Pain and Glory. We were bored to death by Roma, and haven’t seen any of the others.

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    1. First of all, thanks very much for commenting here. Is this the first time? I think it must be.

      I would like nothing better than to publish the fiction I’ve been working on, and I will do my best to start sending it out soon… but beyond that, things will be out of my control.

      And as for discussing projects… I thought I might find it helpful to use this blog as a way of shaking off some of the fearfulness that always grips me when I write. A platform on which to test out ideas. Explore problems.


      1. A good idea. I was also thinking about putting up some excerpts from my raves about Japan even if they have nothing to do with perfume, just to see if they get any reaction.

        We must be audacious! Like a certain person.


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