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Best Films Of 2022

I probably shouldn’t start the year by thinking about the things I didn’t manage to do in 2022, but logging on to this blog makes it impossible for me to ignore that the film reviews I’d hoped to write never quite materialised. Never mind — the time that could have been spent on updating this site was instead devoted to making progress with the novel. Having said that, I would like to resume some form of film-related (and non-film-related) blogging in 2023, but while I consider what this might look like, here’s my list of the best films of 2022, presented in the order in which the movies were seen.

Best films of 2022, selected by award-winning writer Dariush Alavi

Licorice Pizza (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
Parallel Mothers (dir. Pedro Almodovar)
Flee (dir. Jonas Poher Rasmussen)
There Is No Evil (dir. Mohammad Rasoulof)
Happening (dir. Audrey Diwan)
Benediction (dir. Terence Davies)
The Quiet Girl (dir. Colm Bairead)
All Quiet On The Western Front (dir. Edward Berger)
The Fabelmans (dir. Steven Spielberg)
Aftersun (dir. Charlotte Wells)

Wishing you all the very best for the coming year,


3 responses to “Best Films Of 2022”

  1. […] writing. So here’s a link to this year’s list of my favourite movies – Top 10 best films of 2022 on DariushAlavi.com – to which I will just add that if you see only one of the ten, please make it Aftersun. A […]


  2. Thank you for this thoughtful list, Dariush.


    1. Thanks very much for reading, Linda.


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