This is all fiction


Some excuses are more valid than others. The one about not having enough time — which is probably the excuse he makes the most — is amongst the most valid. But then, even a lack of time, valid excuse though it may be, comes down to a question of choices: decisions to do X with one’s time rather than Y.

Behind time there’s always fear: the unspoken excuse. The one he hopes people won’t figure out. The fear of offending, of upsetting, of generalising unfairly, of being judged to be judgemental, of getting it wrong. He’s sure that’s why he so often prefers to hide behind fiction: his ultimate excuse. It’s all just a story. Something he made up. Not to be taken seriously at all.

Sharing is dangerous — and he has always done his best to avoid danger. But with age comes a certain sort of bravery. He feels it growing, slowly.

2 responses to “Sharing”

  1. Yours is a singular, eloquent, and deeply human voice. It is always a pleasure–a comfort even–to read, watch, or listen to anything you care to share. I am grateful you’re here.


    1. That’s such a wonderful comment to receive. Thank you, Linda.

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