The Approaching Process

My capacity for self-censorship knows no limits. Every time I think of something I could potentially write here, I am immediately paralysed by the notion that it might upset someone, or it might not cover all the possible angles of the subject in question, or it might break a confidence, or it might be misinterpreted, and so on.

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Here’s a question for you: is it all right to give money as a gift? If your answer is an immediate, unqualified Yes, then don’t read on. You’ll probably find the rest of this post needlessly convoluted and pedantic. But if your gut tells you that there’s something wrong with handing over cash on someone’s birthday or at Christmas, then join the club. A book I … Continue reading Green

Slate II

Wow, what a response! Thanks to every single person who took the time to write something; I really appreciate it. I received several direct messages from people who’d rather I didn’t address their comments in public – as well as a handwritten note from the Divine L – but I’ll reply right here to those of you who aired your views on Facebook. Arafaat: No, … Continue reading Slate II


I keep jotting down ideas for blog posts, but other writing commitments prevent me from being able to develop them. This is not necessarily a complaint. After my last entry, I felt I’d been too flippant with the whole fraught subject of the late Jade Goody. I think I’d like to revisit the topic again before too long, partly because I’ve recently read some measured, … Continue reading Slate


Big news out of the way first: draft #2 of the novel is as ready as it’s ever going to be. Agents across the country will be bombarded from January. Please keep your fingers crossed! Now that several years’ worth of effort have reached a phase of transition, I find myself wondering what to write about next. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t … Continue reading Regress


I’m putting all my faith in fortune cookies this year. On the 1st of January, the Divine L and I decided to start the new year as lazily as possible by having a Chinese takeaway. Naturally, we picked up a couple of cookies too. Lo and behold, mine contained the following message: Your determination will bring you much success. And the Divine L – who … Continue reading Crumbles