Most Memorable Film Moments Of 2011

Please allow me to indulge in another shameless plug. I’ve been mentioned not once, but twice in the latest episode of Francine Stock’s consistently excellent Film Programme on BBC Radio 4. Please click on this link to listen to the show and if you really haven’t got time for the whole thing (your loss!) then just fast forward to the 18th minute. Once you’ve done … Continue reading Most Memorable Film Moments Of 2011

Film Review: Pina [dir: Wim Wenders; 2011]

Sticking a camera in front of an acclaimed stage production usually results in an awkward mess that drains its source material of life and reduces it to a display of embarrassing amateurishness. Anyone who spent some of their A Level Lit lessons watching BBC Shakespeare adaptations will know exactly what I mean. Wim Wenders completely avoids this trap in his latest film, a presentation of … Continue reading Film Review: Pina [dir: Wim Wenders; 2011]

The Combined Coolness

Is there a word to describe the feeling of coming full circle? ‘Satisfaction’ isn’t quite deep enough. ‘Completion’ is somewhat emotionless. ‘Accomplishment’ implies too much intent. I suspect there is one somewhere, either in English or some other language, and if I knew what it was, I would’ve used it last Saturday evening. Here’s an understatement for you: Doctor Who was a significant part of my … Continue reading The Combined Coolness


I watched Question Time last night and was not surprised to have all my views on the BNP and Nick Griffin totally confirmed. I think everything the party stands for is dangerous and egocentric and I consider Griffin himself to be particularly moronic and reptilian. I was pleased to see that most members of the studio audience seemed to be opposed to him too, and that they … Continue reading White