Brexit Day

At this heart-fracturing moment, we say that we did the best we could. But maybe we didn’t. We marched. We signed. We petitioned. We emailed. We tweeted. We posted. We talked and talked and talked. We sang. We shouted. We chanted. We honked. We hooted. We hollered. We stickered. We t-shirted. We badged. We bannered. We leafleted. We postered. We tried, we tried, we tried. … Continue reading Brexit Day


I’m trying to keep to the resolution that I’m not going to over-think these non-film-related blog posts and just write the first thing that comes to my mind as and when I get a chance to sit in front of a keyboard… but the trouble is that when I do find a moment to myself, my brain is absolutely and utterly overwhelmed by responses to and views on the many, many things happening around me at the moment. 

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2019 Film Reviews – 49: The Great Hack [dir. Karim Amer & Jehane Noujaim; 2019]

I realise that various news sources have already covered the information this documentary presents about the activities of Cambridge Analytica (and if you’re not aware of the organisation, I suggest you look it up with delay), but Amer and Noujaim’s documentary encapsulates and presents it all in frighteningly compelling fashion. From the work of The Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr, to the not-unproblematic involvement of Christopher Wylie, … Continue reading 2019 Film Reviews – 49: The Great Hack [dir. Karim Amer & Jehane Noujaim; 2019]

No Need To Get Worked Up

Call me alarmist, but one of the main thoughts floating around in my mind at the moment is that Boris Johnson, in his great and unmatched wisdom (wait, no, that was the other guy) keeps implying that he may choose not to obey the laws that have been created to protect Britain from the idiocy of a no-deal Brexit. It’s an attitude that has frightened me more than I can say, because it feels like the epitome of a general trend towards ridiculing rules and structures. Yes, I understand – and I usually support the idea – that real change can rarely come about unless something is broken. But this feels like egotism: a sense that some people are more equal than others, and so don’t need to think that certain laws apply to them.

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