The Fullness Of Paradise – A Special Project With Amouage

Once again came the momentary struggle against the lack of control over my drifting body, to be replaced by a sense of surrender It is with tremendous excitement that I’m able to give you the very first glimpse of The Fullness Of Paradise, a modern fable I’ve been asked to write for the Oman-based perfume brand, Amouage. At this stage, the only part of the … Continue reading The Fullness Of Paradise – A Special Project With Amouage


Today’s post is a bit of a cheat, because it contains words which I can’t claim as my own. I’m sharing them with you because… well, let’s just say they resonated. They’re taken from today’s Woman’s Hour interview with Zadie Smith. Z Smith: Novels are such a mess. Novels make you feel sick when you’re writing them. You hate them when you’ve finished them. … J … Continue reading Russet


I remember, as a teenager, being fascinated by the concept that still objects can be said to possess as much momentum as cannon balls hurtling through the sky. If momentum is a measure of an object’s resistance to a change in its velocity, then still objects possess momentum too, because they resist having their velocity changed. In other words, they’d rather not move. In case you hadn’t already … Continue reading Pink


I didn’t open my door to any trick-or-treaters last night. This was partly because – same as last year – I’d forgotten to stock up on sweets. But there was another reason, one which I’m ashamed to admit. You see, the truth is that I haven’t yet obtained my official qualification in Confection Provision. There’s no need to look at me like that! I’ve just … Continue reading Examine