An Empty Suitcase

Red Pen Season is over, July is nearly at an end and an empty suitcase appears to have materialised in my study. It must be time for me and the Divine L to embark on another summer adventure. The cross-Channel ferry beckons…   Needless to say, there won’t be many posts for the next few weeks, but then there haven’t been many for several months, … Continue reading An Empty Suitcase

Busy For Hours

For a place where several hundred severely disabled men, women and children are looked after, the atmosphere in Mumbai’s Asha Daan is surprisingly quiet and relaxed. The nine nuns who run the place clearly wish to avoid ostentation, although they’re effusive when it comes to greetings. “Look around,” they say. “Talk to the people. Ask them how they are.” The Divine L and I have … Continue reading Busy For Hours

Very Rarely Confronted

It really is impossible to over-emphasise the prominence and importance of smells in Mumbai. My last post was just a brief, tip-of-the-iceberg sample of the stream of chemicals that constantly enters one’s nose in this genuinely sensuous city. I could’ve mentioned the aroma of jasmine and tuberose coming from the garlands hanging by the florists’ stalls, or the salty freshness blowing into Chowpatty Beach, or … Continue reading Very Rarely Confronted

Plastic Nike Bottles

Just across the Mula river from Pune’s Koregaon Park is a large gym on the first floor of a modern building. Lining the floor-to-ceiling windows is the familiar sight of sweating bodies – with obligatory towel around neck – doing battle with treadmills, cross-trainers, stationary bikes and rowing machines. As they sip energy drinks from their plastic Nike bottles, they look out at the city … Continue reading Plastic Nike Bottles