Best Films Of 2020

Surprise, surprise, my attempts to keep this blog updated with regular posts in 2020 failed. Mind you, I can’t take all the blame this time. A certain microscopic nasty caused what we might call ‘some disruption’ to all our lives last year, and although I had (and continue to have) a great deal to say about the situation, much of it was probably best kept to myself. Or, to be more precise: best relegated to the fiction-forming part of my brain, ready to emerge years from now in a short story or novel.

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My Favourite Films Of 2019 + The End Of The Reviews

The year ends, and so does my little film review project. It started with a pope so perhaps it’s appropriate that it finished with two. Many thanks to those of you who took the time to read these little scribblings. Below I’ve put together a list of my favourite movies of the year. As I watched 71 in total (the lowest number for the last … Continue reading My Favourite Films Of 2019 + The End Of The Reviews

Best Films Of The Year + Hitting The Pause Button

Some of you already know why, in 2011, this blog was devoted almost exclusively to film reviews: various other writing projects have caused me to be extremely busy since about mid-2010 and I needed to think of something that would allow me to keep ticking over and wouldn’t entail my spending hours agonising over what each subsequent post should be about. Film reviews seemed like a neat, … Continue reading Best Films Of The Year + Hitting The Pause Button

Get less uptight

Rightly or wrongly, in the past, I’ve rarely permitted myself to publish reviews on this site. Perhaps, in this new decade, I’ll persuade myself to get less uptight about such things, but I’m afraid my views on the subject are a little old-fashioned: I agree that everyone’s entitled to an opinion about films, books etc, but I don’t agree that everyone’s entitled, or qualified, to inflict that … Continue reading Get less uptight


I recently picked up a copy of a very readable magazine called Intelligent Life which features a section where people are asked to describe their personal ‘seven wonders of the world’, according to the categories below. Always up for a good list, I decided to have a go myself. City: Venice Generally speaking I’m a fan of all cities. I enjoy people-watching, shops and having … Continue reading Wonder