Best Films Of 2020

Surprise, surprise, my attempts to keep this blog updated with regular posts in 2020 failed. Mind you, I can’t take all the blame this time. A certain microscopic nasty caused what we might call ‘some disruption’ to all our lives last year, and although I had (and continue to have) a great deal to say about the situation, much of it was probably best kept to myself. Or, to be more precise: best relegated to the fiction-forming part of my brain, ready to emerge years from now in a short story or novel.

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2019 Film Reviews – 1: The Favourite [dir. Yorgos Lanthimos; 2018]

It’s probably safe to say that Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite is worth seeing merely on the basis that it raises so many questions and thwarts simplistic interpretations. Charting a brief period in the life of Queen Anne – and focussing exclusively on the attempts of two women (played by Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone) to win her favour – it certainly doesn’t lack quirkiness (artful, … Continue reading 2019 Film Reviews – 1: The Favourite [dir. Yorgos Lanthimos; 2018]

Time To Start Again?

In 2011, I successfully met my self-imposed challenge of posting one-paragraph reviews of every movie I watched during the year. Since then, my online writing has moved in a different direction (see here) and I’ve published next to nothing on this blog. However, some instinct in me is growing more persistent and telling me to revive my little film review project, and – somewhat uncharacteristically? … Continue reading Time To Start Again?

Get less uptight

Rightly or wrongly, in the past, I’ve rarely permitted myself to publish reviews on this site. Perhaps, in this new decade, I’ll persuade myself to get less uptight about such things, but I’m afraid my views on the subject are a little old-fashioned: I agree that everyone’s entitled to an opinion about films, books etc, but I don’t agree that everyone’s entitled, or qualified, to inflict that … Continue reading Get less uptight