The Approaching Process

My capacity for self-censorship knows no limits. Every time I think of something I could potentially write here, I am immediately paralysed by the notion that it might upset someone, or it might not cover all the possible angles of the subject in question, or it might break a confidence, or it might be misinterpreted, and so on.

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2019 Film Reviews – 40: The Age Of Innocence [dir. Martin Scorsese; 1993]

When you’ve watched a movie several times, you enter into a wonderful sort of relationship with it: its main beats and incidents become so familiar to you that you can almost push them into the background and focus on aspects you may not have considered before. In my most recent viewing of Martin Scorsese’s masterful adaptation of Edith Wharton’s The Age Of Innocence, I was … Continue reading 2019 Film Reviews – 40: The Age Of Innocence [dir. Martin Scorsese; 1993]


Here’s a question for you: is it all right to give money as a gift? If your answer is an immediate, unqualified Yes, then don’t read on. You’ll probably find the rest of this post needlessly convoluted and pedantic. But if your gut tells you that there’s something wrong with handing over cash on someone’s birthday or at Christmas, then join the club. A book I … Continue reading Green


Today’s post is a bit of a cheat, because it contains words which I can’t claim as my own. I’m sharing them with you because… well, let’s just say they resonated. They’re taken from today’s Woman’s Hour interview with Zadie Smith. Z Smith: Novels are such a mess. Novels make you feel sick when you’re writing them. You hate them when you’ve finished them. … J … Continue reading Russet


I remember, as a teenager, being fascinated by the concept that still objects can be said to possess as much momentum as cannon balls hurtling through the sky. If momentum is a measure of an object’s resistance to a change in its velocity, then still objects possess momentum too, because they resist having their velocity changed. In other words, they’d rather not move. In case you hadn’t already … Continue reading Pink