Brexit Day

At this heart-fracturing moment, we say that we did the best we could. But maybe we didn’t. We marched. We signed. We petitioned. We emailed. We tweeted. We posted. We talked and talked and talked. We sang. We shouted. We chanted. We honked. We hooted. We hollered. We stickered. We t-shirted. We badged. We bannered. We leafleted. We postered. We tried, we tried, we tried. … Continue reading Brexit Day


A recent poll commissioned by The Observer found that 30% of 15-29 year olds agreed that “when it comes down to it” a woman’s job is to look after the home and a man’s is to be the breadwinner. Only 18% of 30-64 year olds concurred with the statement and even those aged over 64 couldn’t match the youngsters’ conservatism: they notched up 29%. Doubtless … Continue reading Factorise